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Ceramics at Angels Creek Beach

Margareta Bertmark

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About Me

My art works are the results from my life by the sea, on the beach of the Bjäre peninsula, facing the lighthouse of Kullen and the horizon of the Kattegatt sea.


Being part of nature is invaluable to me. I am fortunate in being able to sense the rythm of the day´s all shades, the movements of the waves and light from the sky - constantly changing. 


 I have been creating my whole life, but my greatest passion is clay work - sculpting or throwing in stoneware, a very durable clay which is fired up to 1250 degrees centigrade. This clay can be placed outside year round, mashine washed, and heated in oven. 


All my works are unique, as they are handmade.



Stockabrånevägen 232, Ängelsbäckstrand, ES-269 92 Båstad, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0)70-663 05 12


Avenida Pernet, 7A/51, 29688 Estepona

Tel: +46 70 663051

Swish: 123 357 9448

Bankgiro: 5084-7144

Innehar F-skattebevis


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